Sunday, 8 December 2013

Ummagma releases double A-side single on German label

Indiepreneurship - Just before capping off 2013, Ummagma has decided to squeeze in one more release: a double A-side single for their songs “Rotation" and "Live and Let Die”, released on Emerald & Doreen Recordings

So let's take a look at these two tracks: "Rotation" is a lush sounding alternative take on synthpop or futurepop, with an energy and volume level that builds during the course of the song and then mysteriously dissolves by the end of the song. Epic.  In “Live and Let Die”, there is a rather trance-inducing vibing pattern to the guitar riffs as they mix with calculated jazz-inspired drumbeats. Taking the two tracks together, we can see a resemblance to such bands as Stereolab, Ladytron, Broadcast, Curve, Lush, Bowery Electric and SPC ECO.

These 2 tracks are already available for pre-order on iTunesJuno DownloadQobuz7digital, and will also be available on Beatport and other major platforms on Monday, December 9. We've been following the various Ummagma developments over the past year, since we initially wrote about them following the release of their 2 colorful eclectic LPs (Antigravity & Ummagma) in July 2012, and we're happy that they've come this far. We're not shy to say they're a cut above the rest (well, at least most)

This new single is a teaser for several Ummagma releases on Emerald & Doreen coming in early 2014. We look forward to hearing them and will be sure to keep you informed once they are ready. 

We already know they will be chalked full of remixes in various styles, in keeping with the group's own love of diversity. 
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