Monday, 16 September 2013

Di Lee - Battle Ballad Feat. Tina Guo

Di Lee

  • New finalized HD version w/military stats and some changes ~  [ Here ]
  • Written by Di Lee and Nel Gerome © 2013 available on iTunes: Here 
A special tribute, Battle Ballad is dedicated to our U.S. troops and any and all victims of war everywhere including 9/11 victims and survivors. It is a tear jerker with hope and a message to live and embrace in peace today for there are ripples of negative energy on both sides for and from every violent act. Chorus lyric "kiss me now you fool..." is a metaphor in saying it is up to us in living for today and loving one and all who are important in our lives. Storyboard & Directed by JR Griffin (former US military), D.P. Laura Beth Love, Co-starring Tina Guo-Morabito as Grim Reaper & Angel, Will McMichael former US military as husband soldier, and Jarrald Ingramformer US military as enemy soldier. Edited by Brian Porter. Thanks to Silvia Luz for being everywhere at once. Beaded Jewelry by Lea Ingram. Special thanks to the Ingrams for the use of their home to film this project.

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