Friday, 7 December 2012


Robsongs (Brazil) releases first single

Robsongs is the solo project of Brazil’s Robson Gomes, which began back in 2008 under another name with friends Alex and Augusto Medeiros Vitorino. Since the death of band member Alex, Robson maintained the spirit of this project as a solo artist, recording music in his home studio. Thus was born the Robsongs project. In parallel, Robson is the lead singer-guitarist in Brazil’s renowned indie rock group The Concept, which just celebrated 19 years since its foundation, playing with such bands as Ringo Deathstarr and The Telescopes. He is also the guitarist in reggae band Banda Damata and has just been signed to The Blog That Celebrates Itself record label, debuting his first single simultaneously on Scottish and Brazilian radio.

This new single features 3 songs, with the big ‘hit’ being “Essa Grande Falta de Você”, followed by “Sitar Song” and Guitsy. Taken together, they show sound similarities to the likes of Happy Mondays, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Market Karma, The Doors, Dead Horse One, The Koolaid Electric Company, Kingdom of the Holy Sun and The Beatles when they were stoned.

Apart from the three songs included on Robsongs first single, another 12 songs are now being produced. We certainly look forward to hearing them too. Salut Brazil – you have a shining son!


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