Monday, 26 November 2012

UMMAGMA - Ternopil,UA


Ummagma is one of those bands that you are pretty happy to find, whether it happens coincidentally or through a friend. In any case, they have something to share with the world – you could call this bliss music, giving the listener an uplifting feeling that resonates aurally and even at the gut level. Both albums are equally as powerful, reflecting the two sides of the band’s personality and influences, with even some influences permeating throughout both albums – specifically Pink Floyd, Cocteau Twins and Slowdive. Really, they sound like neither concretely, but constantly offer strong reminiscences of both. It would be more accurate to say that, if you could imagine these two bands put into a blender with a handful of others – including Robert Fripp, Pat Metheny, The Sundays, Joe Satriani, Stereolab, and The Cranberries – and then throw in a few berries that you can’t find anywhere but some ethereal floating island, Ummagma might be what you get. This band is highly recommended.

Ummagma - Antigrafity

You can find Ummagma at 
>>> UMMAGMA <<< 
 (free downloads available there)

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