Sunday, 4 November 2012

Christina Custode - At Song Writing Contest

Christina Custode

She`ve entered a songwriting contest and if you could "Like" her FaceBook page and subscribe on YouTube that would be great!! Every like,subscriber and follower (on twitter : Christina Custode Twitter ) counts as a vote !

Info via ChristinaCustode 

There are a few ways you can help.

1) Go to: Christina Custode Youtube Channel
Listen to the new song and then subscribe to my channel.

2) If you haven't already "Liked" my page please go to my page and "LIKE" it here: Christina Custode Facebook Page

3) If you are not already following me on Twitter please start: Christina Custode Twitter

Every new friend, like, subscriber and follower will count. So if you could also share this with your friends I would really appreciate it!! Thanks for your help and support!!

Check This Out :

Thank You .. ^_^


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