Friday, 27 July 2012


The Red Molotov is a rock band with religious crews. All of the crews studied in Pesantren (Islamic Boarding School) long long ago. Hakeem (Bass), Makki (Guitar), and Ozzy (Guitar), Igo (Drums),Rahmat (Vocal) graduated from Pesantren in South Jakarta, Indramayu, and Pasuruan. Obviously, they do not desert their education history in their music works, but not fully becomes a religious rock band. With a belief that God commands humankind to make use of their comprehensible mind and to pursue their virtuous inner-heart. By such of this awareness, The Red Molotov constantly attempts to struggle for the freedom of their nation’s internal conscience, which has been remained silent by force. And that condition creates a massive ethical, economic and social collapse. Some thoughts from many philosophers or intellectual figures had influenced this band. Let’s say Ibnu ‘Arabi, Ali Syariati, Hasan Hanafi, Asghar Ali Engineer, Mohammad Hatta, Sukarno, Tan Malaka, Amin Rais, WS Rendra, Maxim Gorky, Farid Esack, up to Jean Baudrillard, Nietzsche, Karl Marx, Sub Commandante Marcos, Antonio Gramsci, Theodore Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Juergen Habermas, etc. These had affected most of The Red Molotov personnel. Apart from that, the inspiration also comes from every occasion that occurs around them, as well as what they have seen, heard and felt. Various of music have an impression on the band personnel, from Nasyid and Qasidah, from Blues till Rock and Metal, from Punk till Reggae, and even from traditional music, for instance Dangdut, Campursari till Sundanese, Javanese and Balinese Karawitan. All of the influences form a variety on their music; still on the proper distortion package and energetic beats of rock. It, at times, produces mellow tones like a ballad rock. Sometimes, it strikes our hearing sense strongly. The sounds burst out to flare up anger or rebellion. But as if it presents a silent or isolation.

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