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REBEL is a band that decided to use their own genre, ROCKREBEL. They come from Jakarta, and formed on the 10th of November 2010 by Ndhe (vocalist) together with Jabrix (guitar).

The name, REBEL, was taken from the English language which means “rebellion”. They using the name in term of showing their own expression and thought in music. All that they want is a freedom in creating and composing music based on their own ideas. “JUST BE FREE!!” likes what they always say.

Since its not new things for Ndhe and Jabrix to dwell in music, then it’s also not become a big deal for them to create and arrange their own music. They also often had their performances from one to another stages. The long journeys in finding the right personnels for their band never stop their intention to work in music. This duo keeps on moving on, working and creating something new for the music industry. After the long journey, finally they found the person who filled the Bass position, Ba’on and then followed by Aswin for the drum. Though they have different background of music, but still they have the same interest in playing the ROCK music.

Finally, after founding the complete personnel which are: NDHE (Lead Vocal), Jabrix (Lead Guitar & Backing Vocal), BAON (BASS) and Aswin (DRUM), REBEL keeps on showing their existence in Indie music communities by having performances from one stage to another stages and also creating and composing another new songs.

The expectations of REBEL band are that they can be accepted in all ages; especially their genre (ROCKREBEL) and they hope that they can be inspiration for another Indie band, not only for their own Country, but also world society. AMIN

(Indonesian musician)

Evan Windu Persada (Evan) 
- 08158874263 / 021- 98303329

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