Friday, 20 July 2012

THOSE LIKE US [Cypress,Tx Band]

In the summer of 2009, Kyle Tomchesson, Collin Marshall, Ryan Peterson, and Cody Toliver came together and formed a shitty band called the, "Sasquatch Explorer Club" (SEC). The early days consisted of endless song writing and late night jam sessions. It wasn't really about what people thought of us, it was about making music, building relationships, and having a fucking great time doing it. But shortly after the start of 2010, things just started falling apart. No one could be straight up with each other anymore. Tension between us just kept building and before we knew it, it was done. This was not the end, but the beginning of something beautiful. Kyle moved on to some solo work and writing all the time, then formed a second band called Neverblue with Clay Melton, Cody Toliver, and Ryan Thompson. This band was off to a much better start than SEC, they even begun writing and recording songs. All the members seemed to be getting along fine. Collin then was added back into the band as a screamer and eventually took Ryan’s place as drummer of Neverblue as it started to disband. Collin and Kyle remained playing together almost everyday playing songs consisting of mainly Blink-182, but a few other bands were thrown in occasionally. In Spring of 2010, we had a full set list down and were ready to get another band together. In hopes of finding some reliable members, we recorded "Restart", our first single. It seemed to be a hit with many people from school. That summer, Colin Stoeber was added as the screamer of what soon to become known as Those Like Us. We quickly decided that Stoeber was not what we were looking for in the band, so he was replaced with Tyler Williams, a friend who was a beginner at screams but soon became one of the best in Cypress. Cannon Boudreaux, and former SEC member Ryan Peterson were also all added to the band to make our first full band in over a year. We quickly wrote, and recorded 4 more songs to make our first, studio produced EP, "Saltwater Flats & Shallows".

 We were more impressed and shocked by it than anyone else was. Into to school year, and the band was growing like wildfire and hype from the 2 songs we had released from our EP led to shows being scheduled and just growing a fan base. With the pieces all in place, Those Like Us has nowhere to go but up with the help of the most loyal fans known to man. On February 14th, 2012, TLU released a new single Featuring Brandon Sundbeck entitled "Friends With Damages". The song was written by Collin Marshall. We thank him for his lyrical genius. Chris Burgess was added to the band to play lead guitar in place of Cannon.

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